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Tutorials and help to learn how to make your own web pages.
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Learn how you can create your own web portfolio and use it to present your skills, experience and achievements in an engaging and professional way.

What is a portfolio website and how can it help you stand out online? A web portfolio is a website that functions as a digital collection of works and projects carried out by a person or company. It is usually used to showcase skills, experience, and achievements, and can contain information such as biography, education, […]

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Git Tutorial. Basic manual with examples step by step

Hi there! In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through the use of Git version control step by step. You’ll see examples with screenshots showing the information that Git displays every time you execute a command. Plus, I’ll write out each command so that you can easily copy and paste it to apply it to […]

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All about HTML forms with examples

In this article we will see everything you need to create forms in HTML and in the final part you will find the new controls and elements for forms that HTML5 incorporates. HTML Form Basics A form is used to obtain data that the user of the web enters. It is a means to get […]

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How to use tables in HTML

About HTML tables in general Tables are added to the document using the table tag The main purpose of tables is to display data in an orderly manner, organized into rows and columns. Typical use cases would be a schedule, a calendar, a list of elements of which we want to show various information and […]

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How to create lists in HTML

Lists are very useful in HTML, not only as an organizational element, but also because with a little CSS we can easily create elegant navigation menus with them. There are two types of lists, ordered or numbered lists and messy lists, in which a bullet appears in front of each item. Sorted lists This HTML […]

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