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Author: Diego C Martin

Nómada digital ocupado con las tendencias en marketing online y la enseñanza. Cómo vender online y llegar al público objetivo es para mí pura diversión. Experto en Wordpress, SEO, analítica web y profesor con experiencia también en desarrollo web. Autor del libro SEO Curso Práctico y de cursos online publicados en Udemy.
Getting started with Linux with Mint

Linux distributions are customized versions of the Linux operating system that are designed to meet specific user needs. Some of the most popular Linux distributions would be Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and Linux Mint. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that focuses on providing a friendly and user-friendly user experience. It uses the Cinnamon […]

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Why should you do PPC (Paid Advertising) in your business?

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you’ve probably heard about the power of paid advertising (PPC) to drive traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an established business, or a startup, there are many reasons why you would benefit from paid advertising. Below, we’ll discuss why investing in PPC can be […]

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SWOT/SWOT Template

It is a business analysis tool known as SWOT, SWOT or SWOT analysis. It consists of identifying the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of a company or project although in my opinion it can be applied in any area of life. It is very easy to elaborate and interpret and gives us a lot of […]

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Git Tutorial. Basic manual with examples step by step

Hi there! In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through the use of Git version control step by step. You’ll see examples with screenshots showing the information that Git displays every time you execute a command. Plus, I’ll write out each command so that you can easily copy and paste it to apply it to […]

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All about HTML forms with examples

In this article we will see everything you need to create forms in HTML and in the final part you will find the new controls and elements for forms that HTML5 incorporates. HTML Form Basics A form is used to obtain data that the user of the web enters. It is a means to get […]

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