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Author: Diego C Martin

Nómada digital ocupado con las tendencias en marketing online y la enseñanza. Cómo vender online y llegar al público objetivo es para mí pura diversión. Experto en Wordpress, SEO, analítica web y profesor con experiencia también en desarrollo web. Autor del libro SEO Curso Práctico y de cursos online publicados en Udemy.
How to use tables in HTML

About HTML tables in general Tables are added to the document using the table tag The main purpose of tables is to display data in an orderly manner, organized into rows and columns. Typical use cases would be a schedule, a calendar, a list of elements of which we want to show various information and […]

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How to create lists in HTML

Lists are very useful in HTML, not only as an organizational element, but also because with a little CSS we can easily create elegant navigation menus with them. There are two types of lists, ordered or numbered lists and messy lists, in which a bullet appears in front of each item. Sorted lists This HTML […]

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Insert HTML images: Learn how to put images on your website with this tutorial

Learning how to insert HTML images into your website is essential to improve its visual appearance and attract visitors. With HTML, you can use various attributes to customize the image and optimize its size and weight to improve accessibility. You can also adjust the image size and use different image formats to create a richer […]

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Hyperlinks or links and use of attributes in HTML

What is a hyperlink or link The most important element that a web page has is the hyperlink, commonly called a link. These allow you to link the current document with another page so that the user can move between the different sections of a website. This is what makes the page of a book […]

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Getting started with HTML

We have already seen the basic structure of an HTML page, now let’s see how to proceed when working with HTML and then the basic tags to start adding content to our pages. Working procedure with HTML The first thing to keep in mind is that we write the web pages with HTML in a […]

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