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Oficinas muy modernas con mucha luz y grandes ventanas transparentes con personas trabajando en sus puestos
What are KPIs? Complete guide with examples to measure performance in your company

KPIs are necessary to measure an organization’s performance. They allow to measure the effectiveness and productivity of the actions through the appropriate indicators. There are different categories of KPIs, such as knowing if they are internal or external, if they are quantitative or qualitative and if they measure a long-term or short-term action. I show […]

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I celebrate joining as a partner and CTO in AREA10 Marketing What does CTO mean? Know the roles and responsibilities

The CTO is one of the most important management positions in a company. His main function is to lead the technology department and make sure that the company has the latest technology and also that the technology used is adequate.

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SWOT/SWOT Template

It is a business analysis tool known as SWOT, SWOT or SWOT analysis. It consists of identifying the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of a company or project although in my opinion it can be applied in any area of life. It is very easy to elaborate and interpret and gives us a lot of […]

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